[laɪk] grammar word I
Like can be: ■ a preposition: He looks like his father. ■ a conjunction: She looked like she was about to cry. ■ an adverb: I said, like, you can't do this to me.
1) similar similar to someone or something else
No one could play the trumpet like he did.[/ex]
I went and bought myself a new pen just like yours.[/ex]
Doesn't he look like Mark?[/ex]
The cloth felt like silk against her skin.[/ex]
Once it's washed and ironed it'll be like new.[/ex]
an animal something like a shark[/ex]
2) such as used for introducing an example of someone or something that you have just mentioned
It eats small animals like birds and mice.[/ex]
3) typical typical of a particular person
It's not like him to lie.[/ex]
4) as if spoken
used for saying that something seems to be true but may not be
He sounded like he'd only just woken up.[/ex]
5) when you pause spoken
used when you pause while you are speaking
He hasn't phoned me in, like, three weeks.[/ex]
likecrazy/mad — in a very extreme, noticeable, or fast way[/ex]
His new book is selling like crazy.[/ex]
like I say/saidspoken used when you are saying something again that you have already said[/ex]
It's unfortunate but, like I said, it's a decision we have to make.[/ex]
like this — used when showing someone exactly how to do something[/ex]
Click on the 'Mail' icon, like this.[/ex]
more like — used for giving a number or amount that you think is more accurate than another one[/ex]
I'd guess it's more like 40 per cent than 60 per cent .[/ex]
what is sb/sth like? — used for asking or talking about the qualities or features that someone or something has[/ex]
I haven't met Alan - what's he like?[/ex]
She took Andrew with her to show him what the club was like.[/ex]
verb [T]
like */*/*/[laɪk]
1) to enjoy something, or to think that someone or something is pleasant or attractive
Do you like my new hairstyle?[/ex]
You never did like John, did you?[/ex]
Which of her novels did you like best?[/ex]
Jamie doesn't like it when you correct him.[/ex]
I like going to parties.[/ex]
He always liked to sleep late on Sundays.[/ex]
‘ How did you like Paris?'‘I loved it!'[/ex]
2) to prefer to do something in a particular way, or to prefer to have something done in a particular way
How do you like your eggs?[/ex]
She likes us to hand our work in on time.[/ex]
I don't like to interrupt her when she's in a meeting.[/ex]
if you likespoken 1) used when you are making an offer or suggestion[/ex]
We'll go to the beach tomorrow, if you like.[/ex]

— 2) used for showing that you agree to a suggestion although it is not what you would choose to do

'Let's just sit here for a minute.' 'OK, if you like.'[/ex]
(whether you) like it or not — used for saying that you cannot change a situation even if it is unpleasant[/ex]
Whether we like it or not, we are part of a global economy.[/ex]
would like — used for stating politely what someone wants[/ex]
I'd like a large whisky, please.[/ex]
would like to do sth I'd like to thank everyone who made this evening a success.[/ex]
would you like...? — used for offering something to someone or for inviting them to do something[/ex]
Would you like some cake?[/ex]
would you like to do sth? Would you like to go for a drink?[/ex]
would you like sb/sth to do sth Would you like me to help you with your homework?[/ex]
Other ways of saying likeadore (informal) to like someone or something very much ■ be crazy/mad about (informal) to like someone or something very much ■ be fond of to like someone or something very much ■ be keen on to be enthusiastic about a particular person, thing, or activity ■ enjoy to like doing a particular activity ■ love to like something very much. Love is also used for saying that you care about someone very much ■ prefer to like one thing more than another III noun like [laɪk] sb's likes and dislike s — the things that someone likes or does not like[/ex] the likes ofinformal people or things of a particular type[/ex]

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